Leadership Team

Centralized Solutions specializes in delivering IT Managed Services to small, midsize and enterprise businesses. We strive to provide our customers with an outstanding quality of technical support. Centralized Solutions, LLC, is a privately-owned business, to include a majority of three women partners. Centralized Solutions has been providing class IT support services for companies throughout the east coast area since 2003.

David Friedman, CEO & Managing Partner

David Friedman, CEO & Managing Partner, has over 20 years of extensive, hands-on experience in Information Technology. David is a Certified MCSE, CNA and CCNP, CCIE Network Administrator and Infrastructure Manager who brings to the company his unsurpassed knowledge of the IT Industry.

Nadia Friedman, CFO & Managing Partner

Nadia Friedman, CFO & Managing Partner, a highly accomplished, multi-lingual, result-oriented senior financial management executive with over 10 years of progressive experience in finance and operations management. Nadia holds an MBA in Finance from Seton Hall University.

Dr. Shean Lan Ho, Managing Partner

Dr. Shean Lan Ho, Managing Partner, has over 25 years in Informations Systems. Lan is a builder, architecting comprehensive business frameworks for applications and data integration while improving performance and reducing costs. With a Ph.D. in Physics, she brings excellent management, leadership skills, with extensive technical knowledge.

CathyAnn Sarra, Executive Management Consultant

CathyAnn Sarra, Executive Management Consultant, has over 20 years of IT Solutions Consulting, a believer in “together thinking”, working with C level executives, leading many client engagements, team building and change management initiatives in brand development, marketing, and sales processes and program strategy. CathyAnn holds a BA in Education from Roanoke College.

Centralized Solutions can provide you with a complete IT solution that meets your business’ unique needs while delivering the best possible value. We enable your growth! We solve issues with reliability, security and a staff that cares. Get in touch with us today at (844) 832-4277 or info@centralizedsolutions.com to learn more about what we can do for your company.

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