CIO – A Team Member with the High-Level IT Answers!

What’s a CIO? – A Chief Information Officer is the person you trust for the IT information needed to make executive decisions. You know…decisions about product expansions, scale, budget, and building projects.  The right IT information can make or break your business.

Your {company} CIO will assess your current IT and advise on how it relates to business processes, plans, and strategies. We’re here for you to ask questions, and run ideas by us. Get the executive-level strategic IT advice you need without having to hire a new C-level executive.

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How Can CIO Services Help Your Business?


You need high-level advice from an IT professional, but you don’t have to pay for a full-time IT executive. With the costs of salaries, benefits, vacations, and days off, an in-house IT executive is not possible for most small to mid-size companies. We can give you all the executive IT counsel advantage, without the costly downsides.


Does your IT fit your company’s objectives? How do you know? Is your technology keeping pace with the daily demands of your workflow? A CIO from {company} will help you establish an IT roadmap that will fit perfectly with your company as it scales to the next level.


Part of the job of a CIO is to ensure that your company’s IT serves as a foundation for your business success. After all, IT is supposed to support your goals – not pull your attention away from them. Your {company} CIO will ensure that your internal IT and cloud assets have the stability necessary to support your work today and the objectives of tomorrow.

What Do CIO Services with Centralized Solutions Include?

Choosing to leverage the IT knowledge and advice of a {company} CIO gives your company the executive level IT counsel that is often only available to large corporations. Let us help you give your business.

Let us give you the high-level executive advice your business needs! For more information about our CIO services, contact Centralized Solutions today at (844) 832-4277 or