Migrate To A Hosted Exchange Server For A More Affordable And Reliable Email Solution.

Without a doubt, email is one of the most ubiquitous parts of daily office work in businesses today. It is often the first and best choice of contact, allowing for clear expression of information, with recent advances in the medium granting more exciting features to users. While you undoubtedly want the best capability for your Microsoft Exchange email, it can be difficult to determine just what’s right for your needs.

Hosting your own Exchange server on-site is expensive. There’s not just the thousands of dollars you pay for the server itself, but also all of the never-ending electricity and maintenance costs it takes to keep that server running. Hosted servers give users the benefits of having servers but without all of the hassle.

Exchange Server Migrations

With Centralized Solutions on your side, you don’t have to rely on on-site servers. We can equip your business with a Cloud-based solution that hosts your email through an off-site Exchange server, which means you don’t have to pay all those upfront and ongoing costs.  Hosted Exchange provides a personalized experience for your business. You can choose exactly what office solutions you would like and can make changes when necessary.

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By migrating to a hosted Exchange server with Centralized Solutions your business can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Reduced Costs: Using our Exchanges servers means you don’t have to pay for them yourself. This saves you the cost of purchasing, powering, storing, maintaining and repairing on-site hardware, which frees up money for more effective uses in your business.
  • Smooth Transition: Centralized Solutions has the experience in performing server migrations to ensure that your process is as stress-free as possible. We oversee the entire process to guarantee that no email, contact or other type of data is lost in the migration.
  • Easily Scaled:With hosted Exchange you don’t need to buy and install new hardware to get more capability. Scaling up is as easy as clicking a button.
  • Reliable Tech: Hosted Exchange solutions average 99.999% uptime, which ensures the least possible effect on your business’ productivity due to server failure and subsequent downtime.

Give us a call at (844) 832-4277 or send a message over to info@centralizedsolutions.com for more information about hosted exchange servers and other IT services.