Cloud SecurityInternet security has long been a vital aspect not only for individuals, but at the office as well. For growing small businesses, the need to protect assets through Internet security helps prevent malware and other fishing software from obtaining valuable information, not only on the business, but on employees as well. As technology has improved in recent years, more and more information is stored through an Internet connection. Storing data on the cloud makes sense for your small business, as it gives you direct access to all stored data anywhere you go. It also leaves you more susceptible to potential data theft, so what exactly should you do to prevent and protect yourself and your clients? You need to protect your small business with the help of our vCIO services.

First, What is a vCIO?

As a small business, you probably don’t throw around to many titles outside of “owner” or “manager.” Due to this, the chances of you having an actual chief information officer probably is not all that great. Now, as the business grows and as you push from small business into a medium sized business, the creation of specific operator titles does become more necessary. With all of this in mind, what exactly is a vCIO? It is a virtual chief information officer. This is an entity filled by not only one, but a host of virtual IT professionals, at your disposal and ready to protect your cloud storage and information. We act as your visual IT professionals and do everything in our power to not only ensure you have the best cloud storage, but we also bring to the plate the best possible virtual protection anywhere on the Internet.

Protecting Your Cloud Storage with a vCIO

Everything stored on the Internet has an access gateway. After all, if it is easy for you to access, it does bring with it the potential for an outsider to access your company information. Now, you shouldn’t let this frighten you away from cloud storage. In fact, cloud storage can not only save your company thousands of dollars annually, but improve production and increase your chances of signing new clients as you travel everywhere with your data for sales pitches and meetings. You just need to take the extra steps in securing your cloud storage data.

Cloud storage service providers do offer a veil of security. Some companies are better than others in terms of overall protection, but these companies often just deal with individuals wanting home cloud storage. Individual accounts do not prove all that desirable for information thieves. A small business, with hundreds (or thousands) of financial accounts is an attractive cloud storage space to snoop around. It is this added level of attention you need to protect yourself from. With our virtual IT services, you’ll receive the very highest level of protection possible. We do not just put down the same preventative shield in front of your account. We take it to the next level in order to make sure only you and your approved employees can access the cloud account. We monitor access to the account, so if strange interactions are taking place, we can contact you to see if it is you inside of the cloud server or if someone is going through your data and lock them out.

Essential for Your Small Business

In order to survive in the modern world of business, you need to give yourself every advantage possible. Cloud storage stands as the very best way to save information and have instant access to it, no matter where you are in the world. We are simply here to provide you with the extra level of security and peace of mind.