Cloud-Phobia is a very real disease. I talk to leaders of small to medium size businesses all the time who have a mild to severe case of Cloud-Phobia. But this disease does not have to fatally injure your company’s chances of adopting cloud-computing and leading the competition in your niche.

Cloud Computing

The good news is there is a cure to Cloud-Phobia. It is TRUST.

Getting your mind around cloud computing is ultimately an exercise in trust. Trust in the advice that your IT Managed Service Provider is giving you, and trust in the security and safeguards that the cloud vendor has put into place.

Having spent a lot of time with company IT departments and leaders of business, I have found that the following are, in their minds, the biggest hurdles to adopting cloud-based applications for their businesses.

There are always a lot of objections to anything that is new. People are scared to try the new because they believe that what they already have is somehow better. Let’s face it, it makes no sense to be scared of a T-bone steak just because you like and are comfortable with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

You very well may have a touch of Cloud-Phobia. That’s Okay. I can help! Fortunately for you, I have the answers that will cure Cloud-Phobia and start your business toward a more competitive stance in your industry.

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