Can You Afford To Settle For Inadequate Security?

Network Security

This September, Cybersecurity Ventures released their Cybersecurity Market Report that detailed the vast monetary damage caused by hacking every year.  Taking into account data from noteworthy reports, research by security and IT analysts, and emerging trends in employment, IPOs, and M&A deals, the report made it clear that digital threats are more prevalent now than ever.

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The key facts released in the Cybersecurity Market Report include:

{company} knows that when it comes to technology, there is much more to consider than just computers and servers. What is truly important is the safety of the technology, which is why we offer proven digital security measures to keep your business safe from data breaches and other cyber risks. The demand for cybersecurity increased by 21% in 2014; with all these number pointing in one direction, can you afford to leave your company’s data vulnerable?

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