If your law firm is in need of a boost in productivity and you’re looking for a way to leverage technology to create a more organized, flexible customer relationship management system, the cloud is your answer.

Law Firm Technology

The opportunities to use cloud technology to help better manage all aspects of case and client management are many; here are a few that we recommend:

Customer/Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Client Relationship Management has seen a major facelift since the cloud became more mainstream in the legal world. Lexicata and Insightly offer law-firm-specific platforms to make running your business easier and more productive:

Online Meetings and Conferences

For solo and small law firms looking to communicate efficiently and consistently with clients and colleagues, consider these cloud-based collaboration tools:

Content Management Software

Most law firms these days recognize the importance of becoming a thought-leader in their respective fields. In order to maximize your firm’s exposure and grow your business, you need an effective website and blog that streams current, relevant information to those looking for your services.

To keep your content accessible and up-to-date, consider these cloud-based content management tools:

Analytics Tools

Document Storage

A paperless way of doing business is fast becoming the norm in the legal world. Online document storage makes the transition from traditional paper-and-file-cabinet methods to convenient online document management easy and secure.


If your work includes litigation, you’ll need to deal with discovery requirements and electronic data management. These two offer a wide range of flexibility and price points:

Practice Management and Finances

Automate your financial processes for streamlined, seamless law firm budget management with these accounting tools:

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