Office 365 – You Can’t Afford Not to Give it a Chance!

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You might be paying way too much for what you have! It’s true. If you are still among those that haven’t moved into the modern “cloud era” of computing with Office 365, you could be over-paying with every software update and every stand-alone subscription that you currently own.

Hey, I know that all of this is hard to wrap our minds around. All of this “cloud computing” seemed to come out of nowhere just overnight, right?

Well, here’s the deal. An Office 365 subscription through Centralized Solutions will actually save you money!

So, this is where you either stick with me and realize some true savings, or you stop reading. Just give me one more minute — will you please?

Okay. Here it is.

Your bottom line will be better with an Office 365 subscription through Centralized Solutions because:

  • You want mobile access to your data and documents. So why are you paying for an extra product to facilitate this when Office 365 includes mobile capability?
  • You need storage for backup and continuity. Why are you buying storage from Google or Apple when it comes with your Office 365 package?
  • You are tired of the cost spikes that software updates and upgrades cause in your budget. With Office 365 you can have a reliable budget line item that doesn’t fluctuate every time a new iteration of the software comes out.

You still with me? Yes? Great! Thanks for hanging in there.

The difference between your current one-time-purchase (upgrade after endless upgrade) office software and Office 365 is very much like the difference between putting your money under your mattress and putting it into the bank. Sure, you can squeak by with your documents and data stored on your computer or your in-house server, but what happens to all of that data when that old computer or server of yours finally groans a dies? The data will be gone like paper money in a house fire.

With Office 365, you will save money in the event of a disaster. If you have Office 365, your data in the Office 365 cloud is as safe as your money in the bank – safer even! You won’t experience any downtime or lost work product. Just reconnect to the Office 365 cloud, and there is all of your data! No downtime costs, and no data re-creation costs.

You cannot afford not to talk to Centralized Solutions about how Office 365 will make your work flow more smoothly and improve the health of your bottom line. Click here to find out more!

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