Instead of being reactive, we employ a proactive approach in IT support.

Our goal is to prevent issues from happening by closely monitoring your IT infrastructure and taking action in a timely manner so that there’s no disruption to your business operations, resulting in a seamless support process.

We have a ticketing process in place to address your concerns as soon as possible when immediate attention is required. Our ticketing process is individualized to each customer to fit their specific needs. In handling your IT request we become an extension of your company.

A typical support scenario is as follows:

  1. You send an email to or call a dedicated support number to reach the call center.
  2. A ticket is created in the helpdesk portal with an assigned number that can be used to track your request.
  3. Once the ticket has been created we evaluate it and assign the proper team to address the issue.
  4. You will receive an email directly from the group working on your ticket, followed by a phone call to discuss any specific details of your request, if necessary.
  5. The system automatically updates you on the progress or status of the work according to the workflow rules we have set up
  6. You will be notified when the issue has been resolved and contacted for a follow up to ensure that all your needs have been met.

A ticket can also be generated by our monitoring systems to notify us of any potential issues so we can take appropriate action right away.

Talk to us today about our dynamic support process and how our services can help ensure your business technology is always performing optimally. Contact us at {phone} or email us directly at {email}.