Introducing Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface 4 Pro, the tablet that gives you greater mobility – and lower costs of course!

Windows Surface

How can Microsoft’s Surface Book or Surface 4 Pro be beneficial for your business you ask? Our team of professional experts is here to provide you with some current information about both Surface models to give you an idea of how Surface is the answer to improving productivity and efficiency for both yourself and your employees.

In addition to being a tablet that can replace your laptop, the Microsoft Surface Book and Microsoft Surface 4 Pro are designed as hybrid models that let you eliminate the hassle and costs associated with owning a tablet and laptop.

The lure of one device to fill multiple needs has always been there. Most of today’s information workers don’t want to rely on a phone, a tablet, a laptop, and a desktop to allow them to work whenever and wherever they want.

As our devices become more and more an extension of our desks, the ability to seamlessly work in any setting is critical. With a multiple devices, the experience was far too disjointed and sapped productivity.

For most workers today they have their phone that is incredibly personal but also used for work. They have a tablet, often a personal device they’ve recruited for work so that they can check in on things easily from the couch, coffeehouse or while traveling. Finally, there is the “primary” workstation.  This is a desktop or laptop and is the modern worker’s home base for business productivity.

Enter Microsoft Surface devices. These devices aim to consolidate that 3 device scenario to just 2:  your phone, which for the time being is still the most portable and personal device and a hybrid tablet/laptop, a Surface.

The Surface Book and Surface Pro devices offer the same core set of portability and flexibility. They both have an optional stylus for pen based work. You can use either as a laptop or tablet, both have removable keyboards, and both now leverage Windows 10.

However, what’s the difference? The Surface Book offers some unique advantages including a more laptop-like keyboard and hinge. Buried in that more robust keyboard is a lot of battery and a powerful graphics chipset that powers a bigger display which further separates the Surface Book from the Surface Pro 4.

So if you’re in the market for a new laptop or tablet, we highly recommend checking out a Surface device at the Microsoft Store to see how they feel in your hands and on your lap. We want our customers to have the best solution to their productivity challenges and for some the Surface devices are the perfect solution. As you can tell we are big fans of these devices, but our goal is always to make sure you have the right technology for you and your business.

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