November 25th is the day when we can all celebrate a group of people who have made a tremendously valuable contribution to our world – especially the IT interconnected world. The celebrated group is system engineers, and the day has been set aside to recognize how much of our world is positively affected by them. Their diligent work has enhanced all our lives in the areas of:

Every bridge you cross, plane you fly on, and computer you use wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for systems engineers. And, for those traveling in space right now, the International Space Station would certainly not be there if it weren’t for leading-edge systems engineers and their ingenuity. No one can dispute the fact that the systems engineer job is one of the most important in the world.

Systems Engineer

A Brief History of Systems Engineering

The term systems engineering first appeared in the 1940s in relation to Bell Telephone Laboratories. Some 70 years on, this highly technical profession has been divided up into various fields and sub-fields, including:

Celebrate Systems Engineer Day

Systems Engineer Day was only recently created by the folks at so we could have a way to say thank you to the men and women who sit at their computer terminals endlessly in order to make our lives that much easier and better. If you happen to be a systems engineer yourself – thank you! – you deserve to take the day off and do something other than stare at a computer screen. If you’re not a systems engineer, but want to show your appreciation for one, then there are many ways you can do that. For example, if you are their boss, maybe let them take the day (or part of the day) off; invite them out and buy them a drink or two; bring them some drinks or eats into work; buy them movie or game tickets; send out a nice company notice (intranet post) that acknowledges the work they do.

Need Help with a Systems Engineering Challenge?

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