Credit card EMV technology is becoming very popular and something you should consider implementing in your business. Use these tips to do that and better protect your business and customers.

EMV chip technology is popping up everywhere and as a business, you may feel like you are being pushed to adopt it as well. There are many benefits to EMV chip technology for both the consumer and the business. If you are looking to find a way to adopt it while maintaining the security of your business, use these tips:

Why it is Good for Your Business to Adopt

Credit Card EVM

The entire idea behind credit card EMV technology is that it will reduce the amount of fraud occurring. This protects the consumer against fraud but it also benefits the business. When you implement the new technology, you can protect your business from liability for counterfeit and even potentially lost or stolen fraud cases. The new technology increased security by adding card-present transactions. This means that the cardholder has to be the person using the card for payment and makes each transaction unique. This essentially eliminates a large majority of counterfeit card fraud because criminals can no longer intercept the data and use it to create a counterfeit card for later purchases.

The chip technology is replacing the magnetic strip technology that has been in place since the 1970’s and has already decreased fraud by 70 percent in stores. If you are interested in how you can better implement credit card EMV technology in {city}, be sure to contact {company} by {phone} or {email}.