Save Money While You Scale Your Business!

Saving up to 50% on your business telephone service is now a reality! …Aren’t you tired of paying big bucks for few options, fewer features, and no service with the traditional land-line telephone providers?

Cut the cord! Your business can enjoy internet-based, professional phone systems at a fraction of the cost. Our VoIP phone systems have all the function of your current phone system and more! Wouldn’t you like to have perfectly synced phone service on all your computers, tablets, and smartphones? Now you can – and so can your remote/work from home employees!

Scale easily and cost effectively! You can add users or remove features at the click of a button.

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How Do VoIP Services Help Your Business?


If you’re using and old, landline business telephone system, you’re likely paying far more than you need to every month. A VoIP system will give you more functionality than you currently enjoy and will save you up to 50% on your monthly bill – with no big setup fees!


Landline phones used to be great. Unfortunately, the telephone landline system has an older technology and an older infrastructure. The internet infrastructure that VoIP phones utilize is more modern and resilient.


Forwarding your desk phone to your cell phone is handy. Any system can do that… But VoIP is better because it allows ANY device to become your mobile desk phone! With VoIP apps, your smartphone, computer, or tablet integrates seamlessly into the system in your office. No more forwarding calls, using several telephone numbers, or checking various voicemail boxes.

What Does Our VoIP Solution Include?

Let us show you how VoIP telephone systems can help you reach your business goals. For more information about our VoIP Solutions, contact Centralized Solutions today at (844) 832-4277 or