For years, businesses have used servers, server rooms, and various hardware to house all of their data. As changes were made to the company structure, the servers and hardware needed to be changed. One problem with this was that various hardware and servers could become obsolete after a few uses and then would collect dust in the corner.

Cloud Computing

On the flip side, if business began to continually expand, then a larger server room was required. Along with a larger server room, would be a greater ability to control the temperature in the larger room, so that a server would not “go down” thus halting business for the day or having data be lost. A solution to this is to house your data in the cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon offers a cloud infrastructure-as-a-service called Amazon Web Services. This type of service allows for data to be housed offsite and across several platforms. This is called redundancy. The data is still secure, and redundancy allows the ability of a higher percentage of up-time. If one part of the structure were to go down, then the data would still be available elsewhere.


Housing data in the cloud means that there is less space taken in the office for servers and server rooms. Additionally, if the business were to need more data storage, then the service can be scaled up to accommodate the business need. As such, if the business were to require less, then the service could be scaled down as well. All of these changes do not affect the amount of space taken up in the office. The scaling up and down for business needs is called Elasticity. These changes can be made seamlessly in the cloud and pricing is based on the data storage needs.

Having the ability to have a greater up-time means that your business can remain in compliance as required. Additionally, this can be cost savings to the business because time will not be lost trying to bring the servers back online or spending time trying to recover lost data.

There is no additional cost for housing data in the cloud; any maintenance costs would be comparable to having a structure in-house.

Business Review

Is the cloud right for you? Why not contact us and let us help you decide? We can review your business needs, now and into the future, then determine if cloud-based data storage is the perfect solution for you.

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