Bigger isn’t always better. Small to medium size companies like yours are now having to make the Office 365 vs Hosted Exchange decision. Well, here’s the scoop. Office 365 is just better.

Want to know why? – You do…and I’ll tell you why you care too. You care because Office 365 will save you on average 50% over using Hosted Exchange. But as they say in the infomercials, “That’s not all!”

Hosted Exchange may be the right solution for some of the big guys with deep pockets, but not for the small to medium size company like yours and mine. Take a look with me for a quick minute at these features that set Office 365 ahead of Hosted Exchange:

So, you get the idea that I’m on “team Office 365”? Yes! I like simple, and I like saving money. Office 365 does both for me.

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