Why You Win with Office 365 Over Hosted Exchange

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Bigger isn’t always better. Small to medium size companies like yours are now having to make the Office 365 vs Hosted Exchange decision. Well, here’s the scoop. Office 365 is just better.

Want to know why? – You do…and I’ll tell you why you care too. You care because Office 365 will save you on average 50% over using Hosted Exchange. But as they say in the infomercials, “That’s not all!”

Hosted Exchange may be the right solution for some of the big guys with deep pockets, but not for the small to medium size company like yours and mine. Take a look with me for a quick minute at these features that set Office 365 ahead of Hosted Exchange:

  • Office 365 will cost you (on average) 50% of what Hosted Exchange will. – Did I already say that? Hey….money’s important to me. You too?
  • Office 365 has more security certifications and compliances. – My info and data is important to me, and I don’t want some criminal to get it.
  • Office 365 integrates all of my office productivity applications natively and seamlessly. – I don’t like messing around trying to get programs from three to five different software companies to “talk” to each other. That’s just frustrating. Grrrrr….
  • Office 365 uses multiple datacenters. – That means that Office 365 mirrors and secures my data on several servers in different geographic locations. With Hosted Exchange, if the hosting company’s server goes down, my data goes with that server…sad/mad face.

So, you get the idea that I’m on “team Office 365”? Yes! I like simple, and I like saving money. Office 365 does both for me.

Click Here and I’ll tell you more about how Office 365 can save you frustration and money!

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