Wireless Installations

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Have Centralized Solutions deploy your wireless solutions to make your workday more convenient.

Many businesses are starting to leverage Wi-Fi for a multitude of benefits – from simpler installation to enhanced mobility, wireless upgrades to your existing set up are a great way to increase productivity. There are many factors that must be considered prior to installing wireless technology in order to ensure it suits you and your unique needs.

Centralized Solutions provides wireless installation services to make sure you’re getting everyth. Call (844) 832-4277 or email us at info@centralizedsolutions.com today to learn more.

We work hard to better understand your needs, whether you’re running a medical practice and looking to provide free Wi-Fi to your patients or you’re operating a professional office that needs a hybrid wired/wireless infrastructure for staff and guests. Our engineers will:

  • Perform a site survey to find out exactly what’s needed to ensure a successful deployment.
  • Design and implement a wireless configuration that’s suitable for your unique needs. You can rest easy knowing the installation process will be carefully planned to minimize downtime and mitigate the risks that come with transitioning from wired to wireless.
  • Connect all computers, printers, and other vital devices to the wireless network. As soon as we’re finished, you can enjoy the ease of use and convenience that comes will wireless connectivity throughout your place of business.
  • As a part of our Managed Services, we can provide further maintenance for your new wireless network to ensure that it remains optimal and functional well after installation.

Centralized Solutions is here to help you enhance your ability to access important resources through a secure wireless network. Call (844) 832-4277 or email us at info@centralizedsolutions.com to start your transition to modern wireless business technology today.


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